Can't scavenge points of interest anymore

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Hopefully someone is around that can help figure out what is causing this issue and how to fix it, if there is one. Apparently after going to somewhere about 2 or 3 dozen points of interest, scavenging them, and then turning the resources I got in mostly for troops I suddenly lost the ability to scavenge at the points of interest. Now all I can do is either "Trade with a Local Scavenger", "Take Hostile Action" or "Leave", including at points of interest I had been to before. The option to attempt to scavenge doesn't even appear as an option now. I can't honestly list all possible areas where I had been, but I noticed it had occurred when I reached the Whitehall Plantation (South) POI.

EDIT: I think I may have went to a Looted POI prior to the problem occurring but I've had no luck trying to reproduce it in a new game.
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