Can't rename kingdom when it was created by betraying a claimant

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If I give up the rebellion then the claimant disappears and I get my own kingdom which is still named "Swadian Rebels" which kind of makes sense at first but even after I defeat Swadia and they are entirely gone, my kingdom is still just Swadian Rebels and I never get the kingdom naming screen nor do I get the kingdom renaming option in the camp menu.

Even if this is one of many missing features and there's no ingame way to change it can I at least hack my save file or something
Dusk Voyager said:
You can only name a kingdom you've created yourself. When you make the claimant the king, you'll be his marshall at best.
No, I never made the claimant king and in fact the claimant is gone forever after cancelling the quest. I really am the king. I can assign fiefs via my minister at the castle, and when I convince other lords to join me, they speak about me, not the claimant.
The only thing that's missing is being able to rename the kingdom.
Never being able to name "your" kingdom is understandable, because your game just gives you the rebel faction without activating the "player faction". But even though what you said shouldn't happen, the claimant quest is considered very buggy, so you should have saved beforehand.,46290.msg1223331.html#msg1223331

Maybe this helps?
@ GME, Soblet: Pretty sure getting stuck with the rebel faction is a far bigger problem than not being able to name it.

@ OP: Back up your current savegame, then try to get all the rebel-controlled settlements captured by the original Swadians (or even others), or join another faction and then betray it. At least you'll be back to square one that way.
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