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Can't recruit high level troops

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I'm king of UiNiall, lord of Ailech. The town likes me so I'm able to recruit higher level troops like Cliarthere (or however you spell it). I opt to hire them, the money is removed, but no troops are added to my army. I am not maxed out on troops either. I know no troops are hired because I started with no cliarthere, and after paying money I still have none.

I have been able to recruit lower level troops no problem.

::edit: I was just able to recruit ocaire in the same town. May just be something with cliarthere.
Hi Mogh,

1. Do you use any Tweaks?
2. Do you have a savegame which makes it possible to reproduce the problem? Could you upload it?
1. Yes, I think (but not 100% sure, very sorry) the only tweak I have is the change negative companion effect from here: http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,323613.msg7900123.html#msg7900123

2. https://www.sendspace.com/file/ei2dif

It was just a mismatch between the singular and plural name of this troop. Will be fixed in the next version.
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