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Version number
No, I didn't use any mods.


Summary: can't play the game
How to Reproduce: start the game
Have you used cheats and if so which: no
Scene Name (if related): don't have one
Media (Screenshots & Video):
Computer Specs:
OS: wind7/10 dual boot
GPU: 2080ti
GPU Driver Version: newist
CPU: 1090k

Its been almost a year since I bought bannerlord and I'm still getting the same error despite buying a new pc as I was suggested to. the game says my key has been revoked and steam support says to contact the games support team. can any one offer any help ? I have tryed reinstalling the game and tryed it on anther system and get the seam error.

bought the game on steam

the error
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Hey there austin86a,

Unfortunately moderation staff isn't part of the very helpful customer support branch of Taleworlds, but I might have some insight in what you could possibly do to get the game working. Of course @MArdA TaleWorlds might correct me on this one.

From what I gather from your screenshots it seems that your game code doesn't appear to be valid for some reason, but if you can verify your purchase support may help you out.

1. Send an email to [email protected] and state your case, ideally include a link to this thread as well as your steam ID. You can find that via accessing your profile and right click+"copy page url". That might help with validating your ticket.

2. If you are not feeling well, there's ways to get in touch with people that can help you out, no matter how bad your situation might appear.
Judging from your post I assume that you live in the US, so you can check out this website: >click here. They offer a hotline as well as an online chat if you don't feel comfortable talking about things on the phone, I personally prefer chatting anyway.

Best of luck with your ticket and stay healthy in these strange times.
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