BL 3D Art Can't make modified mesh appear correctly in-game

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Anyone able to help with this?


Exported mesh as .obj in tpactool, imported skeleton from modders resource folder. Made some adjustments to mesh before rigging and weight painting.
Exported as .fbx, imported into mods assets and made item entry in xml. Applied material to mesh in resource browser and made sure material skinning box is checked.

I've started over twice and the mesh always warps around the right shoulder area. I also tried a mesh with no edits with the same result.

Latest export settings (I've tried different ones)


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Can you show an image of the skeleton you imported? It's possible to import the skeleton with leaf bones, which have to be deleted.

Otherwise, if you have done major changes on the rigging/weighting, then you should make sure to normalize the weights in Blender so the rigging will look the same in BL and Blender.
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