In Progress Can't launch warband, please help (Steam version/ Windows 10)

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Try it with deleting this folder
%APPDATA%\Mount&Blade Warband\
But then I am pretty much out of ideas.

C:\Users\you_user_name\AppData\Roaming\Mount&Blade Warband
C:\Users\you_user_name\Documents\Mount&Blade Warband
Deleting this folder will delete the saves and settings. You need to try to clear all information in the registry about mount blade warband and do a clean reinstall via Steam (trying with steam again).
Hello all!
BLUF: I believe this problem is caused by OneDrive and the solution lies in making sure the savegame and user profile data is saved on the local device.

Details: I've finally cracked this code (for me, anyway). I had this exact same issue, and found someone who recommended to re-install Windows 11. I did, and it worked, but only for a short time before it went back to the same exact issues - no window, no program, just hung in the launching sequence. Then I tried finagling with my savegame files and user profile data, deleting both, and lo and behold it worked again, just in time for it not to work again.

It occurred to me later in a flash that the only difference was me turning onedrive off and on. Essentially, the savegame and profiles were being saved in the cloud, but when I shut off onedrive and removed it from my startup sequence, then the data was trapped in the cloud while still having a semi-valid filepath. Thusly, MB would launch but then get stuck when there was no data to pull from.

I right-clicked the files/data and chose to save to local machine and it's worked flawlessly since then.

I really hope this easy solution helps the community! I've seen a huge rash of these problems which had the same exacty symptoms as mine, but with no real solution.
I right-clicked the files/data and chose to save to local machine and it's worked flawlessly since then.
Where did you click at "files/data", at the installation of Warband? Sorry, this line is just difficult to understand (for me and perhaps for others too who want to try your solution).
@Crysix reported that he has solved that issue by changing his Documents(in OneDrive) path name in the Location tab. It was not written in English so he changed it to English (to "Documents") after the final backslash(/), saved and now M&B work with steam again.
Hi, I'm sorry for the delay. I will try to elaborate using better and more clear language. I don't have my Windows 11 machine anymore so I can't take pictures, sadly.

Short explanation: OneDrive auto-syncs all documents in My Documents folder (for me). I then disabled OneDrive, which broke the sync, and made my Warband saves inaccessible. To fix it, I saved the Warband save games folder to my machine locally and disabled OneDrive entirely.

Long explanation: My problem (and I assume a few others) stem from Onedrive syncing all the data in the Documents folder to the OneDrive cloud. This includes the save game data. When OneDrive was enabled, MB Warband played perfectly fine. At one point, I disabled Onedrive from my startup sequence to save computer resources and keep my background tasks to a minimum. Doing this, however, made my savegame files inaccessible due to a syncing error.

I realized the issue once I re-enable OneDrive and it synced all of my files again. Magically, Warband worked and my saves were available. The next step for me was to disable OneDrive completely save all files locally.

The alternative to disabling OneDrive completely is that you navigate to your save games folder, default being C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\My Games, right click on the Warband save folders, and force it to save to the local machine instead of OneDrive. If memory serves, when I right clicked the folders there was an option to save the folders to the local machine. It is also possible that I had to navigate to the Properties, but my memory isn't that sharp.

Since I can't show you exactly that sequence as I don't have Win11 anymore, here are three links with the closest approximation of what I did.

Does this post make more sense to you? I hope I was clear enough. I realize I can be a bit vague in explaining, and wish I could record a fix video. This may not be what others experience, but I would bet that it might help a few people.

If this is still too vague, just leave me for dead.
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