Unresolved Can't Join my own Server

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As the title says, I've been hosting WFAS server since 2018 but now when i try to join it says that I'm blocked on this server all my friends can join the server without any problems.


I haven't figured out a solution to this issue, but I do have a workaround.

For whatever reason, it's impossible to join a game being hosted on the same network, dedicated server or not. This is true even for a dedicated server being hosted on the same computer.

You can still host a dedicated server, port forward, and have it be accessible to friends on different networks at different locations. In order to be able to play with those friends--to connect to your own server--the only workaround I've found is to host a dedicated server on a separate computer and port forward like normal; then on the computer running my game, I use a VPN to trick the game into thinking I'm on another network.

I use Nord (nordvpn.com) to do this, it's very simple--just install the windows application, run it, and click on any country. You should be able to connect to your server as normal. Unfortunately Nord isn't free; this might work with other VPN's but I haven't tested any so I'm not sure. For LAN parties, everyone can use the same Nord account to connect to a dedicated server being run on a separate computer.

Hope this helps!
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