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As a king of my own faction, for some reason I can't give myself a fief. In the vote screen it says I ultimately get the final choice, but their is no option to give it to myself, only a selection of lords. Its getting to the point where everyone is about to get more fiefs than me.

The Yogi

I would like to add that if I then chose the option of paying influence to give the fief to someone else, I do get the option to give it to myself, but the game then thinks the fief has just been conquered and starts a new election round (again without the King as candidate).


There is a workaround for this. It only allows three choices for picking who owns the fiefs. If you limit yourself to no more than 2 vassals you will have the option to chose yourself as owner. Kick all vassals from your kingdom except 2 and you can chose yourself to own the fiefs.


lol it's not fixed. Thanks for nothing!

Nice way of "resolving" issues, though. Good work, random PR person. Gotta love Taleworlds way to approach problems. Just state they are gone and ignore them. Pro tip: don't ever call your game 'fully released' and state that problems will always be there 'because of early access'.

Anyway... modders are more competent and actually fixed it, it seems. If you found this thread through the Google search like me, check this out:
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