Unresolved Can't exit Odin's Cave: "There are still enemies"

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I'm playing the storyline, but I decided to enter Odin's Cave early so that I can raid it twice, since it won't let you go back in after retrieving the letter. Kill everyone, get the message that I've killed the bandit king, gotten his sword and the loot and XP and all that, but when I try to leave I can't because "there are still enemies". Found this thread and tried following the advice in it, but it didn't fix it: https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?threads/odins-cave.388411/

1. Set my athletics skill to 0. Still can't leave.
2. Knocked everyone out using ctrl-alt-F4 (to make sure it was working). Used it until I stopped getting messages about people getting knocked out, and got the message about loot XP etc. Used it a few more times, no new messages. Still can't leave.

I then kept playing the storyline until I got to the point of retrieving the letter, and at that point I AM able to leave after killing everyone.

Version 2.06 (should be the latest because Steam), savegame started a couple days ago. I recently reinstalled the game so the game files are untouched. I have a save at right before I enter the cave, but I don't know where/how to upload it.


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Hello codefiant,

As soon as you finish the quest, it should allow leaving the scene. Did this work for you with the recent version?

Sorry for the inconveniences.
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