Can't drop banners to stand still with G key


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A simple bug: I can't leave a banner "standing" by dropping the flag/banner/ensign item (normally just like every other item, with the G key) when playing M&B:NW, I've only tested it in multiplayer.

Everyone more experienced than I am with the game that I've talked to about this issue don't seem to know the cause of it, and tell me just by dropping the banner item (with the "G" key) it should stand still, but when I do it just drops to the ground horizontally like every other weapon/item.

Btw I love the game, this DLC and the community. Thanks!

EDIT: I posted this mistakenly in the home page, I wanted to do it in Support sry.


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I don't know about this, but there is another way to drop it standing still: while carrying the flag use the mouse wheel to choose your other weapon (if you have one) and then you'll see that the flag will be dropped automatically standing still.

Maybe i'm not sure it was a while since the last time i played NW.