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Can't create kingdom in Sandbox

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So I am currently playing on beta branch most recent
I have 100-160 troops.
Clan tier 5 almost 6
I own a castle and 2 villages
and I am not part of any faction.

When I go into clan tab and look for the create kingdom button there is none.
The kingdom tab is also grayed out. I did a test run and joined a faction at which point the kingdom button next to clan allows me access and i then left kingdom keeping fiefs and the kingdom button grays out again. what am i missing?


This changed in the last beta patch; you need to talk to a governor (assign one) to start your kingdom. Also, the starting kingdom policies are now based on culture and you do not choose them yourself.

The new design automatically activates the default policies of the kingdom culture that you select during kingdom creation. The dialogues represent that and give the player the option to reconsider the culture if they're not happy with the default policies.
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