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Can't control troops after enemy flees

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To be fair, this change doesn´t have the highest priority for me but also I don´t understand why TW doesn´t change it back to the old way until they have a better "system" ready. The community would be happy, TW can work as long as they want on the new "system", everybody wins? Maybe it´s too simple?

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that does make sense. And if that was the reason, then they should just come out and say it and the discussion could be mostly over.
TBF, I’ve seen a handful of clarifications just get lost with time and a new wave of raging nerds come through and the reasons get lost.

This whole process has been a sorry tale. I get the feeling that when TW expanded and brought in “talent” there were plenty of talented people when it came to art, programming, and computers in general, but they weren’t exactly gamers and had a love for video games

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Yeah, this is so unhelpful that I'd also just assumed it was a bug that was accidentally introduced, and not an intentional feature. To spell out why I don't like it, if I'm not quick to charge everybody when the rout starts then my troops just stand around cheering while potentially dozens (or even hundreds) of enemies run away (often right past them in an immersion- breaking manner), all of whom I will then have to fight again (because they usually reappear on the map as an enemy party).
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My limited experience so far has taught me that if my troops are given "Charge" orders (and maybe "Advance"), they pursue the routed enemy when a battle is won. However, my infantry rarely catches up with routed men.
So, what I have been doing is to have some Cavalry or Horse Archers follow me from the beginning, otherwise if the battle is won, you can no longer issue orders. When the enemy is routed by infantry or other cavalry units, I pursue the enemy and run them down and when my units follow me, they also engage the routed enemy and kill them. This helped me level up my horse units fairly quickly.

I'm sure more veteran players also do that or have some other tricks up their sleeves. But I do agree with OP that being unable to pursue routed units is annoying. Maybe at the end of a battle, when it says the enemy is fleeing, we should have a button asking "Pursue enemy?" yes/no...or something like that.

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If it is preformance related how about having controll over at least the high level troops? So only the "peasants" would "loot" & cheer and the veterans would finish the job :wink:


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If it is preformance related how about having controll over at least the high level troops? So only the "peasants" would "loot" & cheer and the veterans would finish the job :wink:
Won´t help, many players will only have high tier armys when they reach mid/late game. I never had any issues before they changed it with performance. And I play with 1000 battle size, max graphics, 4k...yadayada. But I also have a good PC.
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