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No, I didn't use any mods.
Summary: I cannot select soldiers for a particular group
How to Reproduce: in the past ,soldiers were assigned to groups, now they cannot
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The New Pre-battle soldier / Group selector is ... ok .. but it's missing many of the features the previous system had .. like being able to select certain soldiers for a certain group. At the moment a Group can only be divided by weapon type, or mount type ... WHERE is the experience type ????? What if i want one group to be Elite infantry (Reserve) ? and a different group my normal infantry .... and what if I want one Group just to be my Trainee soldiers (Levy troops) separate from my normal front-line soldiers ... THESE ARE ESSENTIAL !! You must add - "Experience" and possibly other criteria , that players might NEED.


And now its bugged like crazy literally cannot seperate my infantry and cavalry same happened with archers too but had to make mixed groups and then seperate tldr its broken


in a defensive siege it is not clear how I can manage the groups and assign leaders. sorry TW but this UX is a real fail!!


Didn't Mount and Blade already have this working ? Even allowed the player to Name their own Groups ...

yes actually in warband you can go into settings and change the group names I think up to 8 of them, you cant add captains for each one specifically but at least it worked properly, they also removed changing groups for specific units in party screen so your archers are going to get stuck in infantry groups or cavalry going to get stuck in infantry groups its just bizzarely weird

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This change is intended and not a bug. For more info:
Not being able to assign troops and lords in the party screen is intended but the reasons are different.

Being able to assign troops to different formations would break the saved values and how the percentage sliders/filters work. If you could assign a horse archer to an infantry formation, you couldn't get him out of the infantry formation in current implementation of the OoB. Zeroing the Infantry slider in that formation would still keep the horse archer you put in there. OR we disregard the horse archer assigned there are, move him back to a horse archer formation when the slider value changes. Formations would be a mishmash of troops and it's not possible to represent that with sliders.

If we add all 4 troop type sliders to all of the cards then one of the problems is, "when do we remove the troops assign from party screen?". Player changed the filter, do we remove them? Player set the slider to zero, do we remove them? I'm not even going into AI problems with having 8 different mishmash formations.

Now one way to overcome that can be locking each formation's troop type from the get go and not letting the player change them. Formation I-II is Infantry, Formation III-IV is Ranged, Formation V-VI is Cavalry and Formation VII-VIII is Horse Archer and you can only assign a troop to a formation that is related to their equipment. But we didn't want to restrict the player to these pre selections.

All in all, assigning formations to normal troops in the party screen is conflicting with changes made in OoB that's why it's removed.

Now lords/companions are a different story. Since they're more fluid with their equipment and they're unique, they don't have to conform to the formation types. We can handle them in a different way. This doesn't have to be in the party screen, we can add a separate UI in the formation cards that you could use to put unassigned heroes in that formation as troops. We can save the assigned formation of the hero and not let them be affected from the sliders. I am, personally, not against this and would love to bring it up internally. That's why I asked for a suggestion post, here. If you feel the assignment of heroes to specific formation as troops, not just captains, would be a good addition feel free to leave a comment in that post.
Simple answer - Get rid of the stupid sliders ! Who asked for Sliders ?? NO ONE !

How does your silly sliders work with different Troop qualities - Green , Seasoned, Elites ??? It doesn't

How does your silly sliders work with different troop classes - "Hastati", "Princeps", "Silver shields", "Beserkers" etc etc ??? It doesn't .

Please don't use save files as an excuse for a hard coded, half baked system.

Needs fixing.


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The more I play with the new system, the more I get annoyed and uninterested. Better not to touch the groups and say goodbye to some distinction between troops I liked to have.


This change is intended and not a bug. For more info:
I agree with the others, I literally never saw someone asking for the current OOB iteration (pre battle formations yes, but not for the sake of sacrificing the old grouping system!).

The devs did grave mistakes in the past, e.g. taking away the command ability when the enemy started to flee, and they reverted it, giving us command ability again after the last enemy started to rout.

Abolish these sliders, if someone wants to transfer troops in battle, he can still do so via the Transfer-Commands.
Give us back our old formation groups!

PS: This is an Early Access Product, I give a damn, if savegames get ruined by abolishing sliders and giving us back the old group assignment system, players who bought Bannerlord in this Early Access Stage should expect saves to break and shouldn't bond with them.

And if you devs don't do it, I'm as sure as the Amen spoken in churches, that some modders will bring it back and the abolish the sliders and that this mod will become one of the most popular mods out there.


This change is intended and not a bug. For more info:
Take a look at reddit adressing this, this is a very clear picture.

As of the time of writing this, 71 (and rising quickly) people upvoted it, agreeing, that the current iteration needs to be partially reverted.
Only one guy in there advocated FOR the changes that you implemented with introducing your sliders and abolishing the manual grouping.

He only has 11 Upvotes.

So, if we take the numbers of people who cared to vote, 82 people and run the numbers, about 86% of the players don't want these sliders, they want the old grouping system back! Keep the Pre-Battle-OOB-Screen, that is fine, no one has a problem with that.
But just give us the old grouping system back, it worked well, basically no one from the playerbase asked for it to be removed in favor of something else.

It is a well and trusted system since... I don't know if it was in the original Mount & Blade or first appeared in Warband, but the majority of your playerbase for Bannerlord are most probably old Warband players.

Don't change a proven to be working well system. Listen to your playerbase.

PS: Update a few hours later and it is the top post by a large margin in the Bannerlord reddit with over 200 (245 to be exact) upvotes and that guy in favor for your system only has 16 upvotes, so the percentages become even clearer, 93% of the voters in that reddit post want the old group system back.

I think, they totally don't care, how you do it, just do it, give us the old grouping system back.
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Why are they promoting Reddit ? The debate should be here.

1.7.2 will tell where TW are heading .... gooble gobble, we accept Prebattle sliders, we accept her ..

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