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Hello! I'm having a problem.. I cannot connect to the taleworld forums on one of my computers but I can with my laptop, and that is where I am posting this from. As well, my other computer cannot find any servers on WB multiplayer. When I go to find a server, it says "Retrieving server list" then a few minutes later it says "Error retrieving server list" or something along those lines.  Any help would be much appreciated. Been having this problem for the last few days and not sure what to do. I have uninstalled the game 3 times, deleted modules folder, reinstalled all, still nothing. Thank you.
Lord Brutus said:
The answer to your question is here:,305426.0.html
That actually didn't help me. Even though everything has been apparently fixed, I can still not access the website, nor find the servers on multiplayer.
Oh good, someone else with the same issue as me. My problem still persists and here's what I've tried so far. Maybe you could try each of the following and see if it helps

1. Changing of various values in the rgl_config.txt
2. Attempting of all suggestions on the taleworlds forum + google
3. Multiple verification of game cache
4. Multiple re-installation of the game
5. Test on another PC
6. Factory reset of modem
7. Test with different modem
8. Test with a different Internet connection
9. Test on a different PC with different internet connection
10. Reinstallation of steam
11. Deleting, editing, etc of steam files

Steam support is useless, just told me to contact you guys anyway
Hi Arsuul!
Arsuul said:
I cannot connect to the taleworld forums on one of my computers but I can with my laptop, ...

This indicates that there is a filter on your computer that doesn't allow you to get the repositories provided by Taleworlds. This could indicate on the following:

  • You have a firewall which doesn't allow inbound and/or outbound protocols to taleworlds on some ports
-> Adjust the windows firewall settings to allow ICMP (if you have an alternative firewall do the same there)
  • A crazy one but maybe retrieving the list uses internet explorer(seen it happen on other games) to fetch the repositories
-> Start, type "windows update", Select updates to install, check any checkbox that has internet explorer as title, once selected go back and click the update button, after updates you will asked to restart and I suggest you do so.

Hopefully I hear you again with some good news :wink:
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