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Yes, I used mods.
"C:\ProgramData\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord"
ve "Belgelerim\Bannerlord\Configs" bu klasörleri yedekleyip silebilir misiniz? Ardından tekrar dosya doğrulama da deneyebilirsiniz. Daha sonra oyuna girmeyi deneyin lütfen.
After installing update 1.5.6 from EpicGamesStore, the game stopped starting. With 1.5.5 everything worked fine. Mods did not install. How to fix it?
Despite not speaking Turkish (Sorry if I assumed wrong)

I am having a similar situation, the moment I press ¨Play¨ in steam

The game tries to start but immidietly shuts down, for a brief moment I can see the launcher icon in my taskbar before it gets removed again.

I have uninstalled vortex, emptied it, removed all non-native or Taleworlds modules, reinstalled the game, restarted my pc. Everything.
There have not been any previous issues, this only occurred immidietly after the update.
Dediginiz gibi sildim ve oyuna girdim savasa girdim ve ayni hata yine geldi
05_08.56.51_1adda81c8e98a6e5a881aba074fd6883 Bunun aynisi sadece tarih degisik
Evet oyuna girme durumu cozuldude oyniyamadiktan sonra :smile:
Ama girerken guvenli giris uyarisi veriyor
Sizden donus beklicem oyuna girmek icin
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