Unresolved Cannot help a city in food shortage + city still have food for sale

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After my lord and I took a city (Lageta), it obviously was in food shortage. Having a big stock with my party (thanks to my 2 or 3 hundred horses for 70 men, I don't even know how they don't escape) I wanted to help.

I tried selling food in the market : no effect. When I traded grain, then grain disappeared from the list of what acts on food ratio. Idem with boars and sheeps I gathered in large number from a nearby village.

-Weird fact : the city market still had food to sell. I should have bought it, just to see if it made any change. Sorry about that.

-Weird number two : the shown relation between prosperity and food shortage is a circle :

Just after city was taken :
-Prosperity : 4873 (-41)
----Food shortage : -38

-Food : 0 (-38.46)
----Prosperity : -97.46

Food shortage decreases propserity which decreases food amount. Maybe it's only a weird way to show a temporay state.
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