Can you capture Hrodulf Haraldson in battle before the story ends?


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As title. I've joined Wessex, fought at Dour an Enez (sp?) and went to Doccinga directly after. My good buddy Hrodulf sailed out to meet me with an army only slightly larger than mine. I want his busse (which I learned in another thread I'm almost certainly not going to get) and him in chains. I've fought a 3-4 stage ship battle to completion 6 times over the last 2 nights and the slippery bastard has gotten away every time. Is he capture proof or is my luck really worse than 2 in 1000?

I tried tweaking the capture chance to 100 percent, but am unclear whether that tweak affects a savegame in progress.

Edit: He's got to be immune to capture. Just ctrl alt F4'd two more wins, one with regular escape chance and one with it tweaked to 100%, he got away both times. Even if the tweak doesn't affect saves in progress, 8 straight escapes at 35% each is just over 1 in 5000 odds.