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It is obvious that players are being continuously frustrated because they don't know how or when they will get onto the ballot for a fief.
Some examples:
I have 5 towns and 2 castles that I conquered as a Khuzait vassal, before defecting to Northern Empire and becoming its Emperor. Now I made sure to give out castles and land to all the unlanded clans, still my name does not appear for vote when I conquer something with my own clan's army. I currently have 1500 influence and a lot of the clans have 50+ opinion of me. Will the situation change when they have 100 opinion and I have even more influence? Or will the game keep forcing me to give all of them more land until they have as much as me?
I have been "king" (elective) for a good decade and I have noticed how little power I have in general.
Particularly over who I get to give my conquered fiefs to.

The game seems to generate 3 whole clan options after a fief is taken based upon....???
This really isnt clear at all.

And consistently the same 3 useless, recently defected, low tier, small family clans are the options.
These same clans are constantly forwarded over clans that really ought to get their hands on another fief.
Your faction conqours a fief. As a ruler or vassal, you can vote between 3 clans to give the fief too.

What decides what 3 clans to put on this list?
It would be a problem If this is the case, why can't TW designed two separate systems, one for players and one for the AI? And I tried the revoke and expel solutions. Revoke does not work at all. Say the original candidates are A, B, C. You give the fief to A and revoke it. The new candidates will be B. C. D. If your intended receiver is not D, it's too bad, becasue no matter whom you will give the fief to this time, if you revoke it again, the new candidates will be the other two plus A. Expel works, but in a very silly way. You can expel and expel until the intended receiver shows up in the candidates, so unless you only have 3 clans in your kingdom, fief management is out of your reach.
In my current playthrough, I have around 4,000 influence and 8 vassal clans, all at 100 relation. But these matters very little, I still have no control over fief grant unless I start to expel people, which I think is a very stupid thing to do. So I just stopped playing. I don't really need any vassals to unite Calradia, but this is not how I would like to play a medieval simuilator game.
So, the question is: how are the voting contestants chosen, why there are ones with 7 fiefs and ones with 1 fief, and why everyone votes for the former?
I guess there is some geographical snowballing like giving too much priority for the neighboring fiefs owners. Is it so?
Hi guys:
I'm playing a a ruler of a Kingdom with many recuited Clans, my clan is Tier 5 and there is other Tier 5 Clans with 5 Fiefs, I only have 2 fiefs (Revyl and a Castle) and My Ruler Clan is no longer in the fiefs votes!. BTW all clans were Fiefless (thanks to Khuzait Snowballing).

How can I Workaround this?, because The Clans without Fiefs in many situations arent even a option for the votes, the priority in the votes are the greedy Ones High tier clans, I want to be again in the fiefs votations.

Some examples of the fiefs and clans tab in Kingdom Menu. I have the top Influence, every clan has a lot of good relation thanks to the Cash or Javelins to recruit them, All recruited clans were fiefless. Any help please tell me the Algorithm or a Workaround.
I am a vassal of the Southern Empire and married to Ira the daughter of Ruler, I have already conquered four cities, and more than six castles, I have already defeated several armies, I was initially assigned three castles and one city,but since then, and beeing the warmonger of my faction,my name has never been voted on again, the question is, is it only for being level four? Do I have a better chance of voting for a city or castle
I own the kingdom, I literally single handedly took it, everyone loves me and I have a **** ton of influence.

Why the F cant I keep a single fief I take?

I already own the majority of the kingdom, but I dont like sharing. How does the algorithm work? Who do I need to blow to keep a fief?
So since the new update i can not get a town being a vassal, i was able to get a castle but if i take a town i am not one of the people shown to recieve it in the vote. Im getting very agrivated. I have taken many many towns but just cant get on the vote. can anyone help me out? is there a new system or requirment i need to know about
I have a tier 4 clan in the Aserai faction and control one castle. I have taken by assault three Khusait castles and one city in the last two wars with them yet on every occasion the control is given to some other vassal numpty (I'm looking at you Elaches) who more often than not defects to the Khusaits within a couple of weeks. That's fine if your faction puts a massive black mark against them but three months later I find that these traitor vassals are being welcomed back into the Aserai fold with open arms - and then given castles again!!!!! Is this a one-off or have other people seen this?
I hope you get the picture.

Can you please make Merit Score a visible element so players know who to expect to come up for fief votes? I understand that making changes and adjustments to the merit score itself is not your balliwick, but can you maybe include a dropdown of enemy settlements on the Kingdom->Diplomacy menu that allows us to see who would be on the ballot if it were taken that instant? Or anything really, even just a display of baseline merit score from Clan tier, wealth, held fiefs, strength and ruler bonus would be VERY USEFUL even if it didn't include the distance factor.
Some info on it would be helpful and could avoid questions like my own and as it would appear, many others. But should there be an explanation on how its calculated in the encyclopedia or should there be a visible element in the diplomacy tab?

What I'm asking myself is this: Would it be valuable information?

You just answered your own question.

I answered my own question about a year ago and havent thought about the Merit Score since.
Now I know how it is calculated I understand why fiefs are distributed the way they are.
And I also know that if I'd want to get a new fief later on in the game I'd have to relinquish some of my old fiefs, give them away, in order to be an applicant for a new one.

Having the information visible would only depress me since I have 17 fiefs but also 12 clans, with new ones being added on a regular basis. As I was the first conquerer I already have 3 big towns. I'd have to stop recruiting clans and conquer numerous fiefs to ever be an applicant to a new one.

My best bet, late game, to get a fief would be to buy it. Which, as ruler, I am able to do.
Ok this is a complex process, both merit calculation and showing what goes on in the background to the player. And it's not one issue that you guys are bringing up.

- What happens if I click "propose to give this fief to someone else" in the kingdom screen?
-- Who will be on the ballot?
-- The clans that are on the ballot, why are they on there? Showing that before the vote comes up

- If our kingdom takes the fief X, who will be on the ballot?
-- What do I need to do to be on the ballot?
-- What do I need to do to increase my support when I'm on the ballot?

I'm not saying these are invalid questions and don't need to be solved. But they would require various changes in various interfaces. We would need to discuss these internally so I don't have an answer at this moment. I will bring it up internally for discussion. Thank you for the feedback!
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