Can we have a debate about women without getting it locked?

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Do we even have female troops? I never noticed
No you're not, you just play dumb and actually succeed at it. The answers are all over the place, and literally right inside the OP. It's impossible to not get them unless you actively want to. And you don't want to because it would show how empty your posturing is, so you need to insert your narrative rather than actually getting the point.

Case in point, you just wanted your little pretext to throw you pre-canned one-liner, like a bot mindlessly spamming the same BS without bothering with what the people are actually saying. Thanks for proving my point, but I really didn't need it.

I've seen people in this forum exchange insults over if a horse could charge through a line of men or not, if an arrow could pierce an armor or not, and I've seen heated online battle in Warcraft forum about the morality of the Horde or Alliance. People can be pretty intense for the most pointless things.
No, please don't start those horse fights again. There is a thread in the forums that's around 100 pages long all about horses


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More or less, the thread has finally reached a point where it ended on a positive note from unexpected parties.
Can we have a debate about women without getting it locked?
No, not in the On-Topic section, especially not in The Citadel it seems.
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