Can we all just agree...

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...that latest patch was rushed :rolleyes::cautious: everyone crash everywhere.

This is what all of you complainers get, rushed out patches that doesnt really work, "wE wAnT sKiNs, NAO!!11", "tAlEwOrLdS iSnT dOiNg aNytHiNg" >> (investors crying?) >> boss crying >> devs crying even more.

I prefer complainers cry. Let them cry! Just please make sure the patches is good :smile:))

I like the patch though, pleasant surprise! Its step in the right direction!
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This is nothing new. Every patch brings new issues to the game and only some of them are fixed. I'm actually amazed if they manage to put it together when game is supposed to be fully released.

Also is there like anyone who cared about skins, especially when it came with the cost of making default armours look like trash. Also I don't think this is something new or surprising, because skins were already announced when Tw introduced "new modern class system". The price we have to pay for it is still disappointing.


its not so much about the actual skins we got now but more the fact that its available, the mechanic or feat. in the game that allows custom outfits. i dont think we should focus too much what the actual stuff we have available now, more the fact that we can indeed custom.

theres a thread elsewhere on forum about absent bannerlord personality and soul, things like custom outfits adds to finished game personality
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