Can this laptop play warband?

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Hi guys

I need your help.  I picked up warband about a year ago, my laptop seemed to play it fine.  But now it crashes during battles, seems to be overheating :/. Ive done a factory reset so I cant think what the issue is

Specs below, searches seem to suggest I should play it easy.  Im trying to play ACOK v1.5 I thought maybe that was one step too far but it also freezes in native

Dell XPS 15
i7-2670QM @ 2.20 GHZ
NVidia Geforce GT540M

Im a bit useless with computers, would out of date drivers cause this issue? I am downloading drivers for the graphics now.Any other tips?
Hi Aitchy

I used to play on a laptop and now I play on a brand new PC and both overheat on Warband. The game is made for old hardware and causes these issues to new ones.

+ Just make sure you have good cooling and un-dust your laptop often.
+ Don't run too many processes in background. While your laptop could easily handle a browser being open or other applications, this uses CPU power which Warband requires. The less CPU used, the less effort in running, the less heat produced.
Windle said:
+ Just make sure you have good cooling and un-dust your laptop often.

Omg, I remember my own laptop when I tried to play skyrim, it freaking began to lag as a 90' com. The worst experience in my life xD.

But as Windle told, MAKE SURE to clean up, have a good air flow, and it should be fine :wink:.
Hi guys

As update it now seems to work, also on highish settings!

I think the drivers did it!

Also I now prop the back of the laptop up  so more air can get under

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