Can the old AI profiles & presets be brought back?

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I want to preface this with I am not talking about the Order of Battle (OOB) screen which allows you to set manual groups and have preferences for weapons. I find that anything about Group 4 does not work as intended and it becomes increasingly frustrating in lieu with the 8 pre-filled slots and behavior profiles that we used to have did not have this issue.

While I would love to see a return to that, it's not so much the order that matters to me but the behaviors and preferred target and AI behavior of the previous AI profiles. Where Skirmishers would actually form a skirmish line to bait ranged cav, and then light cavalry could counter them because of their speed. Hell, Skirmishers up until 1.6.2 or so actually had it's own profile you could specify in spncharacters.xml and came with its own icon on the map.

I would love to see a return of that for multiple reasons
  1. More accurate representation of troops & grouping - being able to tell the different troop types in bigger battles means a lot more since the AI improvements in 1.9.0 mean we have more time to decide and we can maneuver around. That is only beneficial if I have more than 3 archetypes to pick from
  2. Better AI & decision making - more behavior profiles helps make the battles and party makeup selection a lot more meaningful. I want my Shock Infantry to attempt to flank shield walls, I want my light cav to attack horse archers and my heavy cav to attack uncovered archers. I want my Skirmishers to run up with shields up and exchange fire with other skirmishers - that sort of thing
  3. Not having your formation ruined by a conflicting troop type - this problem is really apparent when your Horse Archers have a Banner as the banner-bearer just charges in and gets killed immediately. It's really annoying having Skirmishers in my Ranged formations or Skirmish/Javelin Cavalary with my Heavy Cav who just get in the way
  4. Role play options - not exactly important in the grand-scheme or to me, but still, it exists.
This newfound frustration is coming from making a mod to get the Empire troops more reflective of their in-game and historical influences (so, more light cav, skirmishers, no Xbows, 3-lined nobles) and when playtesting it became apparent it'll be hard to use them meaingfully when I have Skirmishers in my infantry & ranged formations, javelin cav in with my melee cav and so on.

Please, bring back the old AI profiles. Or at least tell us how to mod them back in lol.
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