can the mute all button be on permanently? please have the option to disable chat completely

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can the mute all button be permanent please?

i hit mute all button in games but when more players join they are not muted, i often have to hit tab and re-hit the mute all button several times in a game to get a quiet game server

i would like the option to disable chat completely as i do not like having to hit the mute all buttons several times a game

having this option to disable chat completely (perhaps in options menu) would be better for children too, bc the chat can be quite toxic

please consider putting disable chat permanently option in the options menu please

thank you

edit: solution to problem thank you namakan
Namakan said:
open console, type
tada, everythings gone. guess thats a solution for OP too :^)
how do you open the console?
hit alt and ` at the same time

this is amazing! thank you so much
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I agree. They need to add diable chat, disable UI, disable everything if we want to. The lack of options in multiplayer is dumb


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Don't see why not, if people don't want to see the chat, giving them the option isn't a bad thing.
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