Can someone explain me why every evening warband servers are down and i cant play multiplayer?

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So it's about 2 weeks now or more that me and my regiment can't play warband multiplayer because servers arent showing up and when they show up after multiple attempts,an error pops up saying: unable to connect to server. hey its ****ing annoying. But i think i know why this is happening because bannerlord or am i wrong? probably you guys are trying bannerlord servers and put warband ones down….I hope i am wrong But this must end im ****ing pissed! we have to skip every event because of this huge problem. If you really want to put server down do it when most people are sleeping like midnight or early morning…. for **** sake, youre killing warband with this thing.

PS: I may have been rude but i repeat im pissed because i cant play warband multiplayer and regimental events. I think if we go ahead like this not only the regiments will disband and die but also the game itself.
Gave a new shot at bannerlord because they wouldn't let me play warband. Enjoy the powerpoint!

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