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I have bought mount and blade warband on CD and napoleonic wars on steam. At some point in time i uninstalled it. Recently when i reinstalled it the multiplayer does no longer work. When i try to connect to a server it displays a pop up window saying "unable to connect to server". Seconldy it says my steam CD keys are invalid, when try to do "add a game" on the steam homepage, does that mean my CD keys are expired, or something else?
I have the same problem. I have tried everything I could. I uninstalled mount and blade completely, reinstalling steam, tried using another account and family sharing, nothing. Its not a problem with the computer, I have tried it on my laptop. I'd like to note that my brother who also has the game as a CD key also can't see any servers.
Here's some solutions, none of them worked for me. Might work for you. Good luck.
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