Can make the royale_weapon_spawn_tool to only spawn specific stuff?

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So far with changing variables, changing vars2 just makes them not appear, there's a shadow from where the prop will be, changing vars1 does nothing too.

Is there going to be any update to make spawn specific items, like shovels, when there is a certain variable? It'd be nice to have shovel spawns on maps and servers with less sappers and for roleplay servers.


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The variation2 number changes the % chance of it spawning. So if you put in a 40, it will only have a 40% chance of spawning on the ground when the round starts. The var1 number should make you be able to spawn a particular item e.g. the actual developers say:

("royale_weapon_spawn",sokf_static_movement,"french_charleville","0", []),
# Var 1; weapon type: 0:random 1:Musket 2:razz:istol 3:Carabine/rifle 4:smallsword/knife 5:bigsword 6:bottle 7:axe 8:Lance/pike/spear 9:clubs 10:tools(shovel/hammer/bandage/spyglass) 11:ramrod 12:lighter
# Var 2: Spawn chance: 0:Always 1-100% of chance

But as far as I can see, in the case of tools you can't select to spawn only one type. It has a random chance of being a (shovel/hammer/bandage/spyglass).