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Can I increase skill points gained per level?

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This thread is so good! I'm gonna reply here to mark this down!

First you can modify module.ini in each mod's folder.
There are:
player_xp_multiplier   = 1.0
hero_xp_multiplier     = 2.0
regulars_xp_multiplier = 3.0
player_xp_multiplier is xp multiplier you gain by killing an enemy.
hero_xp_multiplier is xp multiplier your heroes gain by killing an enemy.
regulars_xp_multiplier is xp multiplier your troops gain by killing an enemy.
The most amount can be 10 (or 15, I have never tried).

And there is this:
#New leveling system
skill_points_per_level = 2
attribute_points_per_level = 0.195
weapon_points_per_level = 5
level_boundary_multiplier = 2.0
attribute_required_per_skill_level = 2
If your module.ini don't have these lines, you can add these lines to anywhere in your module.ini. These lines are in Viking Conquest mod's module.ini though.
skill_points_per_level is the skill points you will gain when you level up for 1 level.
attribute_points_per_level is the attribute points you will gain when you level up for 1 level.
Other things I have not tried yet.

Next you can modify skills.txt in each mod's folder.
For example:
skl_trade Trade 19 10 Every_level_of_this_skill_reduces_your_trade_penalty_by_5%%._(Party_skill)
skl_leadership Leadership 3 20 Every_point_increases_maximum_number_of_troops_you_can_command_by_10,_increases_your_party_morale_and_reduces_troop_wages_by_5%%._(Leader_skill)
skl_prisoner_management Prisoner_Management 3 10 Every_level_of_this_skill_increases_the_maximum_number_of_prisoners_by_10_and_reduces_the_chance_of_a_lord_escaping_after_battle_by_5%%._(Leader_skill)
The second number of each skill is the skill limit, you can adjust them to 15. Note: The max number is 15, you shouldn't increase the skill limit above 15 or the skill level will return to 0 after upgrading your skill when your skill is already lv15.

Hope these can of some help!


Sergeant at Arms
level_boundary_multiplier = 2.0
This will multiply EXP needed for troop to upgarde. I don't know does it apply for heroes or regulars differently.
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