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Hey guys I was wondering if all my saved data will be deleted on my current save when I update to 0.7. I don't want to get really far and have to restart :cry:. I even got a good start a injured demon priest asked to join my party :grin: and I said cmon aboard even though I lost some honor. He kicks ass by the way :twisted:.
When 0.7 comes out theyre going to add so much you wont be able to bring you current save. Sorry :sad: But, it will make it so you can get a better start and game next save with all the new content and now that you know more about the mod. If you ask me, its better to restart with every update because it gives a sense of exploration and being humble, i mean if you just steamrole through all the new things with your current save it wouldnt be fun would it?
No I guess it wouldn't and I get what you mean about the sense of adventure. Maybe Leonitus can get a even more glorious start in the next update since their adding some new stuff. :grin:
We understand that some people like continuing their saved games from previous version. But with the Warband Module sometimes even the smallest changes ruin the save game compatibleness. As _Cooper_ stated we try our best to make every new release worth while.
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