can custom servers have their own matchmaking?

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I really think a battle royal type mode would be really good for this game but it would require a matchmaking system so you would not have to wait for the entire round to be over in order to play again (structured like most other modern multiplayer game when you die you just exit and reenter matchmaking).

I think taleworlds will not include a single life mode in matchmaking so I was wondering if custom servers can have a matchmaking system within their custom sever? Like if you join the custom sever you automatically go into a matchmaking system separate from taleworld's (only skirmish/captain) to find a battle royal match similar to fortnite?

Anyone know if this is possible?

If not then native multiplayer is never going to have a high population. Look at twitch, most games are based around a single life mode; the only game that I can think of that is not (besides GtA role play, MOBA etc) is halo and that game has a very low population.
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Yes someone could rollout their own match making, but that's putting the cart before the horse. You would need a lot of players cycling through games in order to justify separating them by any sort of rank. Battle Royale tends to do that anyway by the nature of the format of the game. If someone were to build a battle royale game mode and 500+ people were queuing at any given time, it might make sense to start separating them.
Both the EU scene and NA scene had or currently has skirmish matchmaking that uses discord so I would imagine that this would happen when people can get their own servers
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