Can AI understand if their/enemy troops have shields

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Its fairly simple yet crucial in my opinion. I don't think ai commanders can understand which of their troops have shields. They always put shielded inf mixed up with non shieded ones. In sieges inf without shield escorts battering ram etc. I know this could be seen as nit picking but i think this should be fixed throughout the EA.


I think this is quite the problem at the moment i normally try and split off the non shielded from the shielded troops (bar reloading the game having to do it all over again) but when commanding a army i get a ton of vulnerable units in my "shield" walls just wastes men as they stand there being shot


I believe, for now, all infantry troops are being classified into the same group. Mayhaps TW should consider reworking the formations to place specific shielded troops in front, and non-shielded behind, OR, simply split between different categories of troops - Shield Infantry and Infantry, so we can manually position each. FOr now, it is like grouping horse archers and horsemen together.
Similar issue where they automatically classify Heroes as Infantry, so their commander just sits there stationary behind their infantry being a big, fat target for me to snipe in the first 30 seconds most of the time.
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