Unsolved Campaign Siege Conversation Softlock[e1.0.10]

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Okay, so, I appear to have convinced the game to softlock via diplomacy. During the campaign, I started an independent faction and went to war with the Northern Empire. While besieging Amitatys I was attacked by Wusur of the Jawwals. Rather than fight I tried successfully to convince him to leave the Northern Empire and Join my faction instead. After dialogue ended he's still flagged as "engaging player's party" on the world map and any advancement of time causes him to instantly approach me for dialogue. I'm not able to actually talk to him about anything, so I just take my leave and he immediately starts dialogue again. The only thing I've found that can end this loop is to go into the Kingdom menu and select "Leave Kingdom." Due to RNG diplomacy and the time it takes to build up to this stage of the game, I haven't been able to reproduce it yet, but I'll update here once I'm able to.