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Elvius Flingus

Team: Romans
Hi TaleWorlds,

I am a part of the team of mod developers Europa ad Bellum -
I am the developer of the campaign map. The map is almost complete at the moment however one gap keeps popping up... yes Navmesh. As soon as I try to customize the navmesh to render the terrain the game starts constantly to crash with no real options to debug or troubleshoot the root cause.

This is the code section where it ends with "Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt."
public void GetNavMeshFaceCenterPosition(UIntPtr scenePointer, int navMeshFace, ref Vec3 centerPos)
ScriptingInterfaceOfIScene.call_GetNavMeshFaceCenterPositionDelegate(scenePointer, navMeshFace, ref centerPos);

Sometimes it is a different Navmesh function but this is the usual function where it crashes.

I am posting this in desperation because I did not receive any help on the discord modding channel and I couldn't find any meaningful documentation or tools which can help to pinpoint the problematic Navmesh faces.

Long story short - if there will be no better tools to debug the navmesh I will abandon the development. This is already going on for very long time and it seems nobody cares so it's waste of time for me to try to fix the navmesh with completely blind trial/success method.

Please consider this problem and provide withe some documentation or error messages on crash which would point to the problematic coordinates on the map.

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