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I am having an issue that just became noticeable when I logged into my game today. Every time I travel or just hit the play button on the world map it stutters every two seconds. An earlier save revealed the stutter was there but wasn't as dramatic. So it has progressively gotten worse somehow.

I reinstalled the game, reset the Ps5, but nothing seems to work. The issue remains on both performance and fidelity modes. I'm running on V1.1.6.26219, the latest console version.
We were not able to reproduce the reported issue on our end. Because of that I am marking this thread as closed. Feel free to report again if you experience this issue on the latest version of the game. Thanks for reporting and have fun playing!
I’m experiencing this issue since last night. Everything works fine but it’s only when traveling in world map. The frame stutter is so frustrating. I’m also playing on series x. When can I start playing it again, when will it be fixed? It seemed like it’s a long ongoing issue since 2020 for various people.
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