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[BRE] Lionel

Good evening,
This post is about settlements in the campaign map and how to improve them. I will try to keep it short

Castles, cities and villages have some great modeling in the campaign map and I really appreciate that. However, there are some little details missing or lazily done, which in my opinion plays a big role on how the campaign map looks and feels. Settlements are a big part of the campaign map, I believe improving them would benefit a lot.

Here are my suggestions on how to improve the settlements look in the campaign map. But first let's look and the base game

medium settings
As you can see, in the base game, settlements are composed from walls and buildings just
snapped into the ground without any other surrounding modification.

1) Change the ground & remove the grass inside settlements.

Same terrain textures (grass) inside and outside settlement. This effect makes settlements ugly and the campaign map not immersive. Give the interiors a different texture, like stone or dirt textures. I believe this would make settlements more fit in the campaign map.
Here is a good exemple from CK3 (This is the best I could find).

2) Add city lighting during night time

Here is how the biggest Calradia city looks like during night time. As you can see this is just a lifeless picture.

It would be good if the settlements, especially cities had some sort of lighting during the night time. In order to simulate the torches and lanterns illuminating the city.

3) The rest

Here are the rest of my ideas, I don't think those are as much important as the first 2, but i will just leave them here.

- Makes settlements dynamic, like little citizens moving inside cities, caravans leaving and entering, ships moving if it's a port, construction animation if a building is being constructed in the settlement, smoke coming out from houses etc.. A good exemple for this is total war rome2. This option may be very cpu consuming, so It's up to devs to decide if it's worth

- Add roads which lead to cities and castles

- Rework some of the settlement models because a few of them are bugged.

Some of Vostrum buildings are in the water as well as the whole port

I believe those changes would make the campaign map more immersive and good looking

Thanks and sorry for bad English


I agree with this, except the last point, might be too much CPU consuming, like what you mentioned and I don't think TW's will do that. But I would like some newer textures for towns, castles and villages, especially at night, seeing torches would be cool!
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