NW Completed Campaign Austria vs Prussia (Only Saturday)

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I present a campaign of Prussia against Austria. In Prussia we already have 3 regiments and we need your help to have 3 more regiments in Austria. If they are more we can open the branch of artillery and then cavalry. It would be a great help from you to be able to have this event up.

The rules of the event are: FOC-OA (allowed) FOL-ROC-CROUCH

If we are 3 vs 3 regiments it will be only infantry

If we are 5 vs 5 regiments there will be infantry and cavalry.

If we are 6 vs 6 regiments there will be three branches.

To be able to reach berlin or vienna. Must take the cities that are in each province, fortress or bridge. Once done that will be close to the victory.

Any questions or to know that they will join please send a message to this steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198016069249/

The organizer of this campaign is DELA.

Today starts

6pm time in Peru
7pm time in florida and Chile
8pm time in Argentina
7am time in Australia Center

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