Campaign AI still needs work

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Currently fighting for the Aserai.
Had several wars with the Western Empire.
They are absolutely pointless so far.
WE keeps attacking Tubilis Castle (closes Aserai castle to their territory).
They come in with a 1000 men strong army and besiege it.
They eventually start the assault and i can see the castle and the attacking army loosing troops.
After some time they suddenly stop the attack and walk arround between nearby villages until enough Aserai lords have gathered and the WE army finally gets defeated.
They would have easely taken Tubilis Castle if they wouldn't have canceled the attack. It was like 900 attacker vs 125 defenders...
That happend already 3 times the current war and happend several times the wars before.
The army is maybe running out of food? Well then they need to get smarter at how much food they need for a siege.
Also the WE keeps loosing those armys and still they keep coming in over and over again with only a few days in between.
They get back troops way to quickly.

Thats not all though. The Aserai aren't any bether.
They keep raising armys which then do nothing else than running arround between villages far away from the frontline (at least they defend tubilis castle sometimes).
They didn't attack a single time despite being the aggresor in the war...

Wars with the southern Empire are very different for some reason.
In those both sides attack and defend decently so its maybe just the map geography that messes with the AI?
Though those wars also have flaws. It regulary happens that they declare war just to sign peace almost imidiately afterwarts without anything happening.
I thought they implemented a minimum war duration time.

I have to Admit that im using the Realistic Battle mod. If its the mod fault i take everything back.


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It regulary happens that they declare war just to sign peace almost imidiately afterwarts without anything happening.
This happens because they want to get out of their payment, so they see a blip in power and attack, then they ask for peace either receiving payment or a much lower payment. It is annoying though. A similar problem arises when you capture a lot of enemies and such, you vassals or allies will soddenly see the payment possible and start to vote for peace, rather then make use of this to take advantage and take fiefs and make PROGRESS.

I think the game would be much improved if it had a different system for players faction to give the player more control. Also they could become a kings adviser in a normal faction and have more control there too. It's just bad to expect the player to suffer through the AI voting system that is made specifically to slow down progress of the AI (aka snowballing).

Also a big improvement would be for siege gear to go into reserve by default when it is built and then teach the AI to deploy X4 trebs (or whatever) at once as the player does, or to attack once a advantage is found. This would get around the problem of the AI building a losing siege gear over and over and never attacking.
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