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Yes, I used mods.
Summary: the AI has a terrible deficit and it looks all scripted (so not really an AI), wars start with a cyclic scheme and the same for peace (always when we lost some fief and we have to receive a certain amount as tribute). Also, voting to start a war or make peace makes no sense, since the votes of the lords are always 100% for or against, making our vote essentially useless. (playing as a vassal)
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I don't use diplomacy/AI mods.
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Do you have a save file of session that you experienced this issue? With your save file, we can reproduce the issue much easier and faster. For more information regarding how to send us your save files, you can check this thread out. You can find your save file here:
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I agree about the lack of AI, or it is scripted to hard to want war at certain times.
Like if you savescum like me in terms of avoiding 5 front wars with 0% intrest to have peace or haveing to pay obnoxious amount of tribute to get it.. you'll notice that it dont matter who declares war on you, but a faction will regardless.
Example Vlandia declare war on you, savescum, this time its Southern Empire, savescum, now its Battania.

Overall I find the system of declaration of war to be very lacking, and too frequent.
Atleast in Warband you had "Just cause" before wars was declared so it couldnt be done all the time.

I'm not sure its something they are aiming at during EA to have the high amount of wars going on overall or this is how they want it to be(I'm itching to start playing with mods, or mod myself just to lower some of theese issues, as its not really fun when you play those long games post 600-1000 then there is just too much war, not to mention in the of play your faction only have had 14 days of peace in total..).
Peace & tribute should def be tied to a minimum of days and after that it would be no more tribute.


e1.5.9.268540 (no mods)
I usually don't want to make peace until I have sold the lords I have been holding captive :smile: They are all released without ransom being paid.

I uploaded a current Save file "Vote.sav" where the vote is out to make peace with Western Empire. I have 6 Lords of that empire with me in my party.

1. Whether I ransom the prisoners or not before casting my vote, the Tribute offered by the Western Empire does not change.
- with my prisoners in the Dungeon, the prisoner count is 15, after I "sell" my 6, it drops to 9, but the tribute offered remains at 1530
2. The Support for the Vote is 100% before I cast my vote, but the moment I do cast my vote it drops to 99% independent of the influence I pay with. (this is as well documented in the screenshots posted in the first entry of this thread) not sure where the 1% is coming from, since no council member is attributed.
3. It is still possible to actually avoid voting, by going to a different tab, then pressing done

when not casting the vote, one can get back to the diplomacy screen and check the relations with the other empires.
Above the propose button (there are two other wars going on) it says what the pro and cons would be of proposing peace.
but when going to the current issue at vote, the button has changed into Resolve Decision, but the details are not printed above the button anymore. you only get to see that after pressing the button.

In my particular case making peace with the western empire makes sense as two of my bound villages are under attack.
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