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I have searched and searched, so forgive me if it has already been posted, but:

What is the explanation behind all of the disable/enable options in the camp menu? I cannot find a comprehensive list of them all anywhere.
You should approximately know what they do just by the name, i'll explain what I remember:

Gore - If you enable this there will be a chance to sever a limb/head from an enemy when he dies, I think it also matters WHERE you hit him in order to cut something from his body.

Realistic Siege - If you disable it siege will be 1:1 as native except it'll take longer to prepare ladders. If you enable it it will be "realistic" way harder siege, that kills half of your army before you can even begin :S

1.5 Troop upgrade - As name says troop upgrade will cost 1.50 time more (50% more)

Drowning in missions - I'm not exactly sure WHERE you can drown, but I think maybe if you fall of a ship in a naval battle or something you will die, since I was able to enter a water source in a castle siege and stay there with my head inside for like 2 minutes

I think there was an option to disable naval battles? Well that will simply disable battles on ships (if you go into the water part of the map, you can raid caravans or get raided by denas)

Disable backwards fall - Sometimes when you go backwards (I think only with your shield risen) you will...fall... that's retarded tbh so better disable it :S

Stamina/fatigue system - adds a blue stamina bar that fades out VERY fast if you're running and if it fades you will have a hard time shooting/attacking because you will constantly fall down.

That's all I remember, sorry. Hope I helped you!
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