Camp button crash my game.

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A few months ago I started a new game in Warband(1.15:cool: playing Diplomacy's mod(v3.4). First I wanted to make all claimant quest and then start my own kingdom. But when I was doing the Rhodoks quest(I had already done Swadia, Nords and Sarranid Sultanate) before attacking the last city a bug happend, when I press the "camp" button the game crash. I finished the Rhodok's claimant quest and Now I'm doing Khergit's.  But yet the camp button stills makes the game crash. I try to find someone else who had the same problem, I find some topics but those are really old and no one came with and answer.

If there is now way to fix that. There is an alternative(cheating) way to open the camp options? Or manage the mod's? I have the "lords returning from exile" option disabled And Now I'm feeling a lack of them around the game(they are out of calradia), I want to have a big army when I make my Kingdom.

There is any way to "reboot" the camp button to fix this problem? I read somewhere that ir could be a buged event that was trigged by the camp button and Now its causing all this.

If not. There is any way to export everything to a new game? I know how to import the character and all its stats but I also what the equipament, companions stats and equipament, all productive enterprises, realations with the lords, and more?.

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