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Hello! The same team that brought you the Calradic Campaign is continuing to host fortnightly events in Mount & Blade: Warband. Our main event, hosted at the beginning of the month, is currently the Calradic Campagin: Season 2. Our mid-month events feature standalone events which have been Mod Nights, featuring a multiplayer mod, and the Calradic Carnival, featuring minigames in native alongside more typical battles. These events are typically on the third Saturday of the month at 16:00 EST/EDT. Our server is located in North America, but anyone is welcome to join.

Our events are also featured on the forums calendar when we announce them.

Our next event
Our next native side event has not been announced as we hold these more irregularly. Check out the Calradic Tales and Mod Night threads (linked at the bottom of this post) for our more frequent events. The event post on Reddit can be found here when it is posted.

Game: Mount & Blade: Warband
Module: Native
Date and time: TBA
Server: Calradic_Campaign
Password: reddit
Voice chat: Mount & Blade Discord

As this is a casual event, signups are not required; simply show up at the indicated time.

Event rules
  • Voice chat is recommended, but not required
  • If you are joining as a clan, please distribute between the two teams and cooperate with the rest of your team, we want the event to be fun for everyone.
  • The rules of our Discord server apply to our events as well, the relevant ones are reprinted below
    1. Be nice. Rude, inciteful, or irritating behavior will result in moderator action.
    2. Demeaning language such as racism or bigotry directed at individuals or groups is not permitted.
    4. No witch hunts, raids, brigading, or doxxing.
    6. No religious or political content.
    7. No advertising.
    8. Please use English in conversation.
Previous events
  • Calradic Campaign, a four year native campaign
  • Calradic Campaign Season 2, our current main event starting after the Vaegir annexation of Swadia at the end of the first Calradic Campaign
  • Various mod nights and other side events
  • Galactic Campaign, a brief campaign in the Bear Force II mod
  • Calradic Tales, a series of events covering things that happened during the Calradic Campaign that did not receive their own event
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Thanks to everyone who joined us for Calradic Carnival #4 to celebrate our 5th anniversary! 153 people joined us for dodgeball, kill the king, lords v peasants, and hungergames. Next week is the last event as part of our celebration, join us for Mod Night #33: Warlord. We will return to our regular schedule in April, with Calradic Tales #7.
Game: Mount & Blade: Warband
Module: Native
Event post: Community Celebration - Five Years of the Calradic Campaign
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