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Hello! The same team that brought you the Calradic Campaign (and more recently the Calradic Tales) is continuing to host fortnightly events in Mount & Blade: Warband. Our main event, hosted at the beginning of the month, is currently the Calradic Campaign: Season 2. Our mid-month events feature standalone events which have been Mod Nights featuring a multiplayer mod and the Calradic Carnival featuring minigames in native alongside more typical battles. These events are typically on the third Saturday of the month at 16:00 EST/EDT. Our server is located in North America, but anyone is welcome to join.

Season 2 follows the same format as the Calradic Campaign, with a persistent campaign map that changes due to the outcome of events. Most events will be a battle followed by a siege. This campaign will focus on the events after the Vaegir annexation of Swadia in the first Calradic Campaign. Therefore, the Vaegirs, Rhodoks, Swadians, and Nords will play a more prominent role in this campaign.

We have an optional module to download which provides you with additional weapon and armor choices, custom banners, pre-loaded maps, and weather effects. The module is on the Steam workshop and will automatically update. Download it here and find it at the bottom of your module list with the other Steam Workshop modules. It will have the name "Native" and the module icon will say "Calradic Campaign"

Our events are also featured on the forums calendar when we announce them.

Our next event
Our next event in the Calradic Campaign Season 2, is CC2-03. There event post on Reddit can be found here when it is posted, typically the weekend before.

Game: Mount & Blade: Warband
Module: Native or Calradic Campaign Module
Date and time: Saturday, July 3rd at 16:00 EDT
Server: Calradic_Campaign
Password: reddit
Voice chat: Mount & Blade Discord

As this is a casual event, signups are not required; simply show up at the indicated time.

Event rules
  • Voice chat is recommended, but not required
  • If you are joining as a clan, please distribute between the two teams and cooperate with the rest of your team, we want the event to be fun for everyone.
  • The rules of our Discord server apply to our events as well, the relevant ones are reprinted below
    1. Be nice. Rude, inciteful, or irritating behavior will result in moderator action.
    2. Demeaning language such as racism or bigotry directed at individuals or groups is not permitted.
    4. No witch hunts, raids, brigading, or doxxing.
    6. No religious or political content.
    7. No advertising.
    8. Please use English in conversation.
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The Calradic Campaign, a multiplayer event with a persistent map hosted by /r/mountandblade and founded in 2016.
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Some background

Read the campaign announcement post here!

The first Calradic Campaign ended with the Vaegirs taking over the last Swadian holdings. There has been some Swadian resistance (as seen in Calradic Tales #1), but the Vaegirs have installed a Swadian puppet government to keep things under control.

The period between CC1-50 and CC2-01 has been peaceful, though not all are in favor of it. The Rhodoks are split on the peace treaty with the Vaegirs and the Swadian rebels want to remove the Vaegirs from Swadia. Having gained some land from the Swadians in CC1-50, the Nords are looking to acquire more.

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Thanks to everyone who joined us for CC2-01: First Blood! As border disputes between the Vaegirs and Rhodoks escalate, the Rhodoks look to reunite their kingdom while the Vaegirs are trying to snuff out the competition for Swadian land.

148 people joined us for battle and siege which resulted in the Vaegirs pushing back the Rhodoks and taking Culmarr Castle.
Game: Mount & Blade: Warband
Module: Native
Event post: CC2-01: First Blood
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Thanks to everyone who came for CC2-02: Serf's Up! With the Vaegirs distracted by conflict with Rhodokia, the Nords look to claim more territory. The Nords will be attacking the Swadian collaborators in an attempt to take Ryibelet Castle.

Download our new Calradic Campaign module for weather effects, additional weapon and armor choices, pre-loaded maps, and custom banners! The module is on Steam and will automatically update when needed. Use of the module is optional, you will still be able to join the events with Native. The module will appear at the bottom of your module list with the rest of the Steam Workshop modules with the name "Native" and the module icon which says "Calradic Campaign".

The Swadian collaborators were able to push back the Nords and take Hrus Castle. 100 people joined us for 7 rounds of battle followed by 4 of siege. Remember to download our optional module for things like custom banners, weather effects, preloaded maps, and a few new equipment choices.
Game: Mount & Blade: Warband
Module: Native or optional Calradic Campaign Module
Event Post: CC2-02: Serf's Up
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