SP Dark Ages Calradian Empire Tweaked Troop Tree

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Hi all,
I have stated in other part of this forums that some upgrades from x troop to x other seemed weird not visual, but in rewards of skills, like last tier mounted troops or skirmishers becoming archers and so on. So decided to try my abilities in making a Tweaked version of the Imperial Troop tree.

The only thing it seems not working is moving numbers around skills, because it crashes things, or maybe I dont know how to move them. If I could would make archers/crossbows a few level lower than infantry or cavalery, with less athletic and 1 handed points, also I noticed that crossbowman have low crossbow skill, dont know why. Also I focused on renaming Imperial to Calradian, its seems as a nameless empire, and now "Imperial" is an honorific to last tiers, I was thinking on adding a Imperial Veteran tier, which would be lvl of Elite Cataphrac and another branch of palaic troops from other factions imperialized, like vlandian riders, battanian skirmishers, sturgians "varangians".

Download link and images down here:

Planned future things:
Additional branch of Palaic troops (Palaic: people of outside the empire that fight for it, not stated if as mercenaries, but by the context we could believe that are conquered people).
Tweak Battania and maybe other factions.

PD: Tell me what you think, if you use it how you feel balance is.