Calradia, the 16th Century, the mod with guns (unlocked!)

Which is your favourite faction in Calradia, the 16th Century

  • Swadian

    Votes: 99 41.4%
  • Vaegir

    Votes: 31 13.0%
  • Rhodok

    Votes: 26 10.9%
  • Khergit

    Votes: 37 15.5%
  • Nord

    Votes: 46 19.2%

  • Total voters

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Earl of Swadia

For now, the world map won't be changing because of the fact that it is still based on native. Therefore, it's still Calradia. Perhaps later when the mod becomes more "British Empire-style", it may become a pretty large map... perhaps even of the world! (I'll need a lot of help with that!)

Earl of Swadia

Hmmm... our first votes for the Rhodok faction have come in. Finally! (Swadians are still roaring though)


Knight at Arms
Well, sorry if I have to be honest but I didn't really like it that much for a couple of reasons. I'm sure you can handle some constructive criticism.

1. You used only one pistol design, merely renamed it and changed the damage, speed, etc.
2. The speed of reloading is way too fast, you can literally reload after one second.
3. You said bigger battles, but I'm getting to think that only the player had a boost in the bigger battles thing. With 12 leadership I could literally field a thousand soldiers.
4. The timeframe is... well, unbalanced. In the 1500's the most advanced guns were like... arquebusiers and matchlock muskets. And these pistols resemble the flintlock pistol skin from Native.
5. Some other things I forgot, but I probably don't need to further look into as I've done enough damage and pretty sure I'll be regretting it.

Earl of Swadia

No, you don't need to regret it, yes it was a simple mod, it's actually my first one. I did mention that somewhere. You pretty much got it right. No problem with the honesty at all. As for the bigger battles thing, I've been trying to get it to work. What's supposed to happen is that the lords, kings, castles and cities are supposed to get quite large over time. Only problem is, that time seems way too long (few hundred days for an extra few men). Yes the reloading is fast, that's how I distinguish between guns because I can't really make a new model. I've been asking for help for that. That answers the timeframe thing as well.

Earl of Swadia

It pretty much needs a revamp of the models. I'm just waiting for a modeller (and have been waiting for about 3 months) who would be kind enough to make some models of guns, armour etc...


Sergeant at Arms
Earl of Swadia said:
It pretty much needs a revamp of the models. I'm just waiting for a modeller (and have been waiting for about 3 months) who would be kind enough to make some models of guns, armour etc...
*Mysterious Haze*I sort of appear as a knight in shining armour.

Krieg Corp.

Played around with the mod a couple of hours and noticed a glaring omission.All NPC's have zero firearms skill.Mercenaries,Swadians and Vaegirs all at zero.

Earl of Swadia

Aha, I thought I might have missed something. Still, they shoot well enough to cause a lot of grief so it isn't too obvious an error. I'll get that fixed for the next version though


The price modifiers for the pistols seem to be broken. All of them, from the cheap pistol to the kingdom pistol costs the same.

Also, I'd like to see more long arms when you get the modeler.


I know it's been mentioned, but have you considered using some of the OSP items in your next release? This would be a good way to vary up the guns.


Great mod!
Does annyone know how I can reduce the loading time of my gun, because I want to shoot without loading (I know that is unrealistic).


I noticed quite a few problems I'll even repeat what have already been said(save for gun differences):

1. Pistols in the shops are ALL the same price, making buying the "cheap" pistols worthless.
2. Loading time of pistols is ridiculous once you go past the normal pistol(even still that speed is like a heavily trained perfectly fit person doing it which not everyone is equal) maybe reload should be the same for all with the firearms skill reducing the load time by like 1 point per 50 or something(I dunno how the skills and load time are calculated)
3. Bullets back then weren't in cartridges!!!!!! you made them ur-freaking-self!!!!! it should be something like crude-rusty-normal-forged-wellmade-masterwork Bullet Molds(better = bonus damage and accuracy as both are affected by the difference from barrel size and bullet size the better the fit the better the aim and of course due to better aim better distance and force of impact[damage]
4. The sizes of armies aren't affected at all cities start off a little better off(by about 30-50) but thats not what it sounded like considering i can field over 1000 troops for a single gold a piece(also i tried ur update _volunteer_troops fix since i only got 2-5 from towns and it didn't work i still get the same low number)
5. that leads to another thing a single coin was roughly the money a stable boy made a week a soldier made roghly 3-5 but well trained ones made up to 10-15 (why you see some making 75 is beyond me[thats in other mods/native] so thats a little odd
6. Not all named characters you can get from the taverns are equal some need the normal amount to level some need less(Nizar leveled 5 times from one kill when i first got him he started lvl 70 jumped to 75 meanwhile Firentis is 50 and has killed 10 times what Nizar has and never lvled at all)
7. All these characters have no firearms skill? maybe most sure but you would think that some of em would have been near the swadians and learned something?
8. Also why can I find EVERY gun in EVERY store EVERYTIME I Look this makes me wonder why the other nations don't have pistoleers(maybe change it so a town has set items based on trade relations and which faction they are(with swadia and them rarely trading guns to other nations))
9. this is a Blackpowder game? where is the barrels of it? I wanna see exploding barrels in town!!! lmao jk......or am I?
well i just wanna see some exploding arrows(developed in asia in 14th century so give that to the guys who don't have guns their way to fight guns is with explosives!) stuff like that?
10. People die easily so thats good more realistic but frequently i lose to 10 guys when i got 100 yet when roles are reversed i can't kill any(this is when i send my men but stay back) but as soon as I join i rarely lose a single man they never run and seem to shoot so well i watched while my freshly acquired swadians (15) decimate every man that tries to get close(i hade 15 swadians myself and one Nord who died right away against 95 enemies with upgraded swadians and the enemy lost just by my being with my men(i never shot or killed anyone i ran around to see how my men could do they killed 40 second time 33 i lost one which was only wounded i fought the third time lost one more who was just unconscious and we one but i don't think a guy with a skill of 0 in tactics has that much effect on a battle)

well that pretty much my rant for now if i notice any other random things i'll let you know

Earl of Swadia

I'm aware of all the bugs and will try to fix them. I know there are many but as I said, this was my first mod and was whipped up quite fast. I had no idea I would even get much of a response and now am trying to keep up with demand. But I also have other work to do as well so it gets priority I'm afraid.  :sad: And I still haven't got my modeller :cry:
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