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What is Calradia Roleplay?

Calradia Roleplay is hosted on Persistent Kingdoms, this server was started around seven years ago and proudly takes the seat of being the best and longest lived roleplay server. It is a server that focuses on realism, in a land with a deep backstory and lore. You are placed into a realistic medieval setting where your character has real ambitions, goals and skills depending on the type of person you want to be. Conflict is not uncommon with a lot of in-game drama and events such as bandit raids, invading armies and hostile areas which are done by both players and bots. Roleplay has a lot of different meanings to people but to us it’s a structured world where the lives of your characters are valued as if you would value yourself.


  • Persistent Equipment
  • Wound Systems
  • Letters
  • Personal Mounts
  • Payroll system
  • Saveable Chests
  • Private Houses
  • Hunger System
  • Custom Professions
  • Set Character Descriptions
  • Language System
  • Inventory System
  • Tracking Dogs
  • And lots of other minor features

What can I do on Calradia Roleplay?

Upon joining Calradia Roleplay, there are a variety of factions you can join all with unique history, rivalries and cultures become a mercenary, a lords retainer, a farmer or perhaps even a bandit, you’re very free to pick your own characters destiny.

There are also many professions that your characters can pick, make extra gold from skinning deers, or creating clothes, being a blacksmith or a carpenter, the choice is totally yours all custom and to this server.

However do keep in mind, if you want to cause chaos in your path, there are always consequences that come with actions, to showcase one of many things that have happened in the past, here’s a preview of a rebellion.

How do I join Calradia Roleplay?

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