calradia neresi tam olarak?

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I think it was inspired by Anatolia, but it's not definitely there

Anadolu'dan esinlendiğini düşünüyorum, ama kesinlikle orada değil .
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@kaaredra there is an official Turkish forum, you can go ask there if you want. For your question, it isn't in a specific location. It's a fictional world. It's inspired by Anatolia, as Hairy Yahoo said. However, we do have an official full map which shows where Calradia exactly is in the world of Mount & Blade

This map is found in the modding tools, the red rectangle is Calradia. Developers said we used this map to gain inspiration. And if you look closely at it, it really looks like Earth. The left part is probably America, right is China Russia (basically East) below the red square is Africa. Upper part is probably Nordic countries. When you consider all of this, Calradia is basically Anatolia & Europe combined

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