Calradia conquered


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Finally conquered Calradia today. Been an absolute pleasure to play warband. This game is seriously underrated. Took a while to capture everything. I feel a bit of a psycho though as the last few cities to get where with rhodocks & sarrind sultanite & when I declared war against rhodocks because my other lords wanted it I went after them but funny thing was is that there was 2 castles that were more difficult to take than there remaining 2 cities. Grundwalder & ibdeles were grizzly. Those fkn crossbows man... so while in the middle of taking out rhodocks, the sultanite declare war on me & oof were they punished. They started begging for peace when I finished rhodocks but I was pissed they @d me. But at the same time at that point I didn't care really because I just wanted to conquer everything & wasn't even garrising the castles with lot of soldiers just about 30, I didn't care at this point, just wanted all factions wasted & to bring them under the banner of the Dova. I basically was just doing a blitzkrieg on any castles that remained. Unfortunately I wanted to unlock a trophy called king maker but I can't find any of the banished characters. But fk it, just glad I took everything. Wonder how many hours I have in this game, cuz I've been playing it for a week or 2 now.Best 5 quid I've ever spent. Can't remember playing a game so much & not feeling like I was doing chores, feels like a long time ago. Idk, maybe I'm getting old or just games in general mostly are like that now? Anyway, I'll miss this game. I've done everything at this point, I have 2 million denars lol but yea great times