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MP Native Calradia Adventures - Invasion RPG| VOTE FOR REVIVAL!

Who would play this mod if it would be revived ?!

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Sergeant at Arms



The never ending adventure of treasure hunt and manslaughter.
Seeking throughout the farest countrysites of calradia you and your companions will fight most fierce warriors from all over calradia. On this conquest you will have to adapt to the increasing strength of your enemies.

Calradia Adventures is a invasion mod. You will fight waves of bots, which increase in strength and reward. The goal of this mod to let you choose how and where to fight the enemies, random events make the gameplay more fun. With the four character classes we offer you to interesting band of playstyles. Maps and codes are all homemade but the items are mostly from OSP and we would like to thank those people who made their work public and accessable for us all.


-  Fighting off the most fierce thugs in calradia from the far east to western nations even those who are outsiders of society!
-  Four classes with unique perks, making each class special in playstyle and experience with the free choice of skilling!
-  1 global crafting class!
-  8  new unique maps and counting, all made by our map designer!
-  Items from OSP and native, to be bought and looted!
-  Voice commands useable in game!
-  A free TeamSpeak Server for all players to use (IP: calradia-adventures.com )


[size=16pt]Adventurer (starting class)

Young, curious and  unexperienced are adventureres.
They left home for a life in adventure, though most of them do not know that only a handful of adventureres will survive the first week in dangerous Calradia. Those who do will get known to a world of violence and wonders.

* Die easily

Strong, fierce and ugly is the barbarian, an outcast of society who lives in the wilderness.
He lives from what nature gives and waylays people who dare to cross his way.
The Barbarian is a heavy tribal who uses heavy two-handed weapons, polearms and throwing weapons with the aim to cause  as much casualties as possible.
Due to his health bonus and never ending rage he is more durable in the battlefield than any other warrior.

* medium armors
* two-handed weapons
* polearms
* throwing weapons
* health bonus + health regain

Loyal, honorble and talented is the knight, knights fight for lords and watch over the weak.
He is a well trained warrior who fights in times of war, with the ability to adapt to any situation.
The knight wears most heavy armors, uses one-handed weapons as polearm and is trained in the usage of horses breaching enemy defences is an easy one for him.

* heavy armors
* polearms
* one-handed weapons
* riding skills
Silent, discret and fast is the assassin, they fight not only because of the gold but for reputation.
They hide in the shadows, waiting for their opportunity to slice their targets throat. Long term training make assassins fast as deadly.
Assassins clothes in light wear using one-handed and two-handed as throwing weapons killing opponents fast.

* light armors
* one-handed weapons
* two-handed weapons
* throwing weapons
* speed bonus

Speedy, agile and accurate is the ranger, mostly members of common families.
Their arrows and bolts always hit the target, even moving targets are no match to their skills.
Rangers are masters of long range weapons, bows and crossbows are their primary weaponry. Well skilled rangers have access to most secret techniques firing multiple projectiles at once. 

* medium armors
* crossbows
* bows
* one-handed weapons
* firing multiple projectiles at higher tiers

Homepage: http://calradia-adventures.com/login.php
Forum: http://forum.calradia-adventures.com/index.php
Full Download 1.13: https://mega.co.nz/#!upxC3JCS!kwJKcOTkBfdxaHCF_sffQ5OmVB8TpKBk95cNMQFL7Gw
Hotfix for 1.13 (Must): https://mega.co.nz/#!TwQh2IDA!6K4isOXJtCvmQTiIBkwjgZoTBtGjYDOM39-eClWoHsI

Planned features:

-  A market, for the trade of finest wares and weaponry between players!
-  A clan system!
-  More LOOT!
-  A TDM gamemode (PvP as PvE)!?

Models and textures:
Narf of Picklestink
Full Invasion 2

Side help and testing:

Sarnos - Mapper, Ideas man, Admin, and tester.
Corve - Our server/forum/teamspeak hoster <3
Timeus - Ideas man, Admin, and tester.
Mr.Patate - Admin, a long time friend, and a cool guy :wink:
3STRAT3GA - Awesome guy, Admin and helps with everything.
CTCCoco - His work is my inspiration  :roll:
TheDarkRobin - Mapper and helper.
Andre - Our modeller :3
Me - Main developer, admin, head of the team.

What we need:
A Modeller
Obviously we need people with that kind of magic, which makes our mod even more unique! Are you that one?


Sloppy Dabber
Global Moderator
So, what exactly is this? You didn't exactly give too much information about what it's about. What does the player do in the mod?

I see you need a web designer as well. I can do that for you.


Sergeant at Arms
Reus said:
So, what exactly is this? You didn't exactly give too much information about what it's about. What does the player do in the mod?

I see you need a web designer as well. I can do that for you.
This is basically an invasion mode but with major changes, such as surpising enemies no matter what wave you are at, different unique classes with cool gameplay,
And the goal is different, you dont just camp and kill stuff, this is a mod made to play like in a real battle.
This is different from Nordinvasion or CSR or any other invasion mode you will ever try.


Sergeant at Arms
- Assassin equipment fully implemented with description and stat balance.
- Added inventory that shows your equipment + materials and how much you have.
- Added the ability the create and control your own mercenary(bot) and level,equip,raise his stats. Fully customizeable. (Might even be able to change the name)

more updates soon! :wink:


SnRolls said:
Swiftwisp said:
I see your server is up, the tease is unreal, keep us updated  :grin:
There is a reason why its up :wink: (TAM TAM TAM)  :lol:
And i will.

So we are kind of in a special testing phase and want everything to work out fine before we open the mod for everyone else, we want you to have a neat experience not a half finished mod.
There are still a lot of features to be add and the website as items preparing is ever so time comsuming.
SnRolls will give out futher information in the coming days, cause the progress of the mod has priority not this thread.


Sergeant at Arms
+Added decapitation mode
+Added legendary drops
+Added more craftable items
-Fixed tons of tons of tons of bugs
+Alot of balancing(items,troop,shop,etc)

Right now we have 5 alpha testers that we invited and they are online every day and enjoying.
Stay tuned for more updates, closed beta is soon.


Sergeant at Arms
OmegaWolfy said:
Is there a way to apply for the beta or is it just for your group of testers?
Right now its just the group of testers i trust(close friends, friends, etc)
But i might need some more soon so stay tuned :grin:


Sergeant at Arms
Alright, i haven't been updating for a while since i was too busy working on the mod itself,
But i bring good news! I expect the open beta to be released this weekend or next week.


Sergeant at Arms
Shop is fully done now! :grin:
Rebalancing the special bonuses for barbarian and assassin and adding a few features and we are good to go!


Good people today we will release the mod. Of course only a testing phase.

The download link will be added to this thread in 10 mins.

All other updates will be posted on our forums!

Thanks and have fun  :cool:


Gotta love the headless peasant woman staying alive to continue attacking me! :lol:

You might want to add a deliver_damage_to_agent at the part where it attached the invisible helmet to the character so the headless do not continue to fight

Other than that, you've done a good job, I hope the server gets more population, you certainly deserve it.

Edit: A bug report: Sometimes when the game starts in a server and no one spawns on the player side then it becomes stuck
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