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Here is my mod Calradia 1470.It is only beta version so it wants lot of work.This mod is about Calradia in 15.century..There are some new items like plate armors, firearms,halberds and lot of weapons characteristic for gothic age.

In year 1320 Vaegir Tsar Igor IV seiged Dhirim. Swadian king Harlaus III was death and Kingdom of Swadia had no king.General Wenzel had a strong war party,so he attacked the army of seigers.Vaegir were defeated and they returned to their land. In 1333 General Wenzel become first Emperor of New Swadian Empire.In the year 1410 became his son Morten king of Nords.In 1423 Khergits attacked Swadians.Emperor Sigismud I responded quickly and gathered army.He attacked Khergit army at the village of Toshdar.In bloody batlle he defeat them.After this battle Swadian Empire became the unsoppable realm.But other factions still want to rule the Calradia. Now it's year 1470 and Vaegir want's to rule Calradia,Nords are fighting with Rhodoks,Khergits are plundering and looting everything what stay in their way.War is everywhere.

Download: http://www.mbrepository.com/file.php?id=1837

Plan for new version:
-new items
-new banners
and more.... :grin:





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Looking good, Luigi's and Narf's fine models I see. remember to give credit now that it's released  :smile:

How are firearms implemented? Can they be bought in shops and are they accurate?


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Hey, this looks like a nice and small mod. The last picture looks kinda weird tho. The pistol. Is it stuck in his sword? Or does he wield it on his belt?! :X
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