Callum the Frog


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It has come to my attention a number of people posting hostile memes about Callum being Kermit the Frog. This type of activity should never be tolerated in this community. Posts aimed at destroying muppet unity should not be allowed.

These are some reaction images people have been posting (warning: not for the faint of heart):

A number of people have been tweeting recently with the hashtag #CallumTheFrog:

There are a huge amount of people in multiplayer right now with Kermit the Frog avatar pictures and names such as "Callum is Kermit", "Callum the Frog", "Callum is Kermit the Frog", "CallumTheFrog is REAL", "It is not easy being Callum", and "Callum goes Ribbet Ribbet". People doing this need to be banned from the game, as there is no other solution.

If you have further evidence, share it in this thread!
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