EU Native Siege Completed Call to Arms Christmas event!

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It’s that time of the year again, where we all come together around a Christmas tree to fight in the CTA Christmas Warband event! Just like last year Oasis hosting is providing a 250(!) ppl server so there is room for everyone in our last event of 2020.

We will be doing a native Siege and you can join our voice chat on our Teamspeak:

This won’t be on Bannerlord (yet :wink: ) but we’ll be doing some more big events on Bannerlord in 2021!

We’ll be kicking off our event this Saturday 19th of December at 2 pm EST/ 7 pm GMT/UTC. The one and only Pixelated Apollo will be joining us and Santa Claus himself will come and give out some nice presents to those who stay till the end!

  1. Stay nice to everyone! No racism, sexism or any other offensive language in chat.
  2. No cavalry, it's a siege, not a field battle!
  3. Listen to the admin's in-game chat and in voice chat
  4. Have fun!

So get comfy and ready yourself for a huge epic Warband siege event!

Kind regards,
The CTA admins
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